About “Theodor Heuss” Grammar School

About “Theodor Heuss” Grammar School

Being situated on a spacious site/venue in the relaxed and green residential area Hainberg, ‘Theodor Heuss’ Grammar School consists of a main building, an assembly hall, a new building for our junior students with a lunch hall, a first-rate school library as well as a gym. The inviting classrooms are flooded with light and very well equipped.

When the school was founded in 1957, it was the first co-educational Grammar School in Goettingen. The then ‘Neues Gymnasium’ not only pursued the innovative concept of co-education, but also focused on teaching modern foreign languages, like English, French, and Spanish.

20 years later the name Theodor Heuss, West Germany’s first post-war president, was given to our school. We are also very proud to be the first ‘Europe School’ in Lower Saxony.

Since then we have broadened our institution so that our pupils (~950), taught by about 90 teachers, can choose their own path according to their talents. In a constant effort to maintain high standards, we have introduced bilingual classes and science classes as well as ‘Europe’ classes: including subjects such as History, Politics, Religious Education, Ethics, Social Studies and Geography. Furthermore, we have a highly developed music programme, and we can proudly say that our orchestra is one of the most outstanding in the country.

Theodor-Heuss-Grammar School today stands for a modern, open-minded public school, which is strongly committed to the idea of a peaceful and vibrant Europe. Our students are encouraged to meet young people from all over Europe on school exchanges in France, Great Britain, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. We also facilitate individual stays abroad in Europe or elsewhere, so that our pupils can take the opportunity to experience life in a different country and simultaneously enhance their language and social skills. We uphold the belief that understanding and getting to know different cultures is the key to becoming an open-minded world citizen.

Since 2004 we have been offering all-day schooling and care in the afternoons with a great variety of intra- and extracurricular activities like computer programming, robotics, mountain climbing, skiing, drama, training for nationwide competitions in music, languages, science, chess and astronomy. We have art workshops, orchestras for younger and older pupils, band projects, vocal coaching, environmental projects, health education, pottery, and reading nights. Furthermore, we offer support for pupils with learning difficulties or homework trouble, and study groups for many different subjects. This all is done in co­operation with older pupils and our very committed and dedicated parents and teachers.

In the course of the last 50 years, we have developed into a school community that shares the values of responsibility and mutual esteem. The teachers regularly take part in additional training to stay up to date and to offer qualified teaching and interactive learning methods.

After more than five decades, a great many students have successfully graduated from TH-Grammar School and confidently taken up the demands of university or vocational training. We enjoy to welcome back many of them each year as our dear and faithful alumni.

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